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Project Summary

The goal of the Perlita Project is to show a new path for low energy consumption buildings in Los Angeles and in Southern California through a realistic, affordable and reproducible solutions which will become the standard in the near future with the new rules which will apply, but also because this is the proper way to build. First, what is a Passive House : a Passive House is a very low energy consumption building achieving precise goals defined by the Passive House Institute (1) , a worldwide concept which was developed in the 90’s, optimizing the Passive Solar and superinsulation mix. Since then, about 30,000 buildings of all kinds (single family houses, multifamily residences, office buildings, schools, shops…) have been certified all around the world and in the US (2) . Passive House buildings use up to 90% less energy than regular constructions. The Passive House standard sets very low energy consumption goals (3) , but leave the architect and the building